Screen Printing


Screen printing is a printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto an item. We use plastisol inks primarily but can use water based ink on request.

Plastisol inks are the preferred choice and leave a heavier deposit of ink with a texture and creates bright vibrant spot colors.

The set up process is quite detailed. We require camera ready artwork but if you cannot provide that we can do it for you. Our art charge is $40 per hour to create camera ready artwork.

Film charge is a flat rate of $10 up to 5 colors

Screen charge is $25 per color to set up

Print charges start at $3.00 for a 1 color print for under 48 items

1 color print 48+ $2.75 each

2 color print 12-48  $2.50 each

2 color print 48+ $2.25 each

3 color print  $6.50

4 color print  $7.50

5 color print $9.50

6 color print $ 10.50

Other charges may apply

Ink color change half way through an order $10 per color

Spot dry light colors - especially white $0.50